Meeting Plus Rental

Meeting Space meeting daily, weekly or monthly.

Rental of meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, teaching rooms. For rent on a daily, weekly or monthly for groups ranging from 2 to 35 people.

Equipped with facilities Stylish, modern office equipment, technology and facilities. We arranged a meeting with a great atmosphere and comfort. With this form, you can set up tables and chairs that can be arranged as desired format. Offering friendship Low Price

Management consulting services under the conference table. Small groups, large groups With care welcome customer Or your significant other teams throughout the conference. And encourage your appointment was perfect. The dates and times can be arranged in advance Visiting meeting – our seminar. Prior to the actual use We are here to serve you

Hours: Open daily from 09.00 – 24.00 hrs. (Customers can choose a time as needed).

Rooms available in 4 sizes